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Ok I 'm a bit of confused here..The sputum culture and sensitivity tests take about 6 days to be completed.Obviously patients dont stay in the hospital that what kind of antybiotics are prescribed to the patient? Broad-spectrum ones?
We do
Views: | Author: peter | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:30
Hi. I am currently a student in a LPN program in California and am graduating this year. However, I plan on moving and working in Massachusetts soon after I finish and I was wondering if it would be easier to move first and take the NCLEX test in Mas
Views: | Author: alice | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:30
Wondering if anyone has every gotten several questions wrong on a med test, but still was offered a job?

I'm remember some of the questions, and looking up answers, and I think I got at least 3, maybe 4 wrong. Could even be a few more, those are jus
Views: | Author: peter | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:31
I apologize in advance for any grammical errors in advance because I'm typing on a cellphone.

Long story short. I suck at math. I only needed drug calc for lpn school. For my rn degree I need college level math. I took the placement test at two coll
Views: | Author: jone | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:31

I passed my cna test about a month ago and i still have not recieved anything...Am i supposed to get a piece of paper that says i'm licensed? I got my papers and email that said i passed and everything but nothing besides that. Thanks. Any
Views: | Author: alice | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:31
Sorry folks, I bet a lot of people on this board will share the same sentiment with me.
I thought it would never happen to me but it's actually eating at me so bad that I can't sleep....

I have never failed any test in my career so far and have bee
Views: | Author: jone | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:31
Hello All

I am a New grad without a job living in southern CA. After countless applications I finally got a call back for a new grad program that is a half hour drive from my home. But before I get to excited I need to take a prescreening test, this
Views: | Author: alice | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:32
Our facility is looking to go to white uniforms for RN's because of uniform recognition. Research shows that when test members are shown pictures of people in scrubs, they almost always pick the person in white as the nurse. Currently, we have no re
Views: | Author: alice | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:34
I live in Illinois and I just received my score for the CNET exam to enter the LPN Program and I didnt do so well. So I was wondering has anyone else took the test and could give me some pointers on how to study? Or some type of comment or feedback.

Views: | Author: alice | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:34
Ok am I weird or what. ( NUR 108 Fundamentals of Nursing ) I started out in the class with a D on my test and then got 2 C and the last test I got a B, then, I took the final today and passed the final but failed the class by 4 points (which is one q
Views: | Author: jone | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:34