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1 Have anyone had experience on taking care of suprapubic catheter? I have a friend who had an initiated suprapubic cathether insertion last Tuesday. He developes light infection reaction around the incision. I expect that happen but I don't how lon
Views: | Author: alice | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:32
I am working on a project to reduce catheter associated bloodstream infections. Rather than just focusing on central lines, I am also looking at arterial lines.
What precautions does your hospital take when placing art lines?
How often do you change
Views: | Author: peter | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:34
Can anyone help with this problem? Post turp patient catheter wont drain into foley bag but will drain into the leg bag what could be causing this? It has been irrigated, bag changed, will drain without bag or into leg bag. At a loss any help would b
Views: | Author: alice | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:37
what are haemodynamic functioning tests , what it is include ?
thanks !
Hemodynamics refers to invasive monitoring and the numbers you get from a Swan-Ganz catheter. Generally speaking these are restricted to ICU areas as they require a high level of t
Views: | Author: alice | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:39
hello all !
i am just wondering how long the indwelling foley catheter can keep in place for a patient ? is there a policy ?

thanks ! i am look forward to your guys reply !
It depends on the policy of your individual facility. In my hospital, patient
Views: | Author: peter | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:39
I asked a similar question like this earlier, but I really need this answered and I would really appreciate it! So I have this friend in an accerlerated nursing program in trouble. She had to insert a foley catheter into a dummy for a simulation lab
Views: | Author: peter | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:40
i have a question for someone: after a catheter is removed from a male patient, is there a specific length of time before the patient can have sex?
Logically wouldn't the answer depend on exactly the catheter was inserted in the first place . . ? --
Views: | Author: jone | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:47
These may be stupid questions.......

We give IV push meds all the time. So for example 4mg of morphine=1ml. We push this through a PICC over 1 minute. since the catheter is so long aren't we really just pushing it slowly though a small length of the
Views: | Author: alice | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:47
1 I recently started a new job and last night was asked to job shadow another aide at a clients residence. The client is on a bowel program that includes giving a suppository and inserting the catheter into his penis. I was not taught to do this in m
Views: | Author: alice | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:51
I'm sorry but this commercial made me laugh! "I was devastated to have to reuse my....catheter" LOL and apparently its a real company too...I found it online from a story on the winner of the creepiest commercial of 2010 contest...c'mon i
Views: | Author: jone | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:51