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I need info on the nursing theorist Anne Casey who created the Partnership model in paedeatric nursing. I have searched internet with no joy and need this for an assignment
Here's the address of her web site. Hope it helps.
Views: | Author: jone | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:53
Hi,there everyone,
i have been seeing this site alot as i look for info for school and i have feel in love with it.
i am a 45 yr old nursing student and i started sept 9th,after 20 yrs in factory work they closed us down and moved over sea,s and i wa
Views: | Author: alice | Date: 3-06-2015, 16:56
2 Hi all, I'm a first time poster but an avid reader of the site. This may be a rant: but I am also quite interested in what other nurses have done in this situation...Here goes...

Background info: I work in community adult case management (mental h
Views: | Author: jone | Date: 3-06-2015, 17:20
I was once told of a web site that was wonderful that taught ACLS to prepare you for Certification of Recertification, but I no longer have the site info does anyone know of free web site...Thanks:
The American heart Association has lots of FREE infor
Views: | Author: jone | Date: 3-06-2015, 18:06
Hi all, I'm new to this site. I am seeking some advice. I've been drawing blood on my job for about a year now, and have developed a fear of hitting a nerve during venipuncture. It's probably my own fault because I googled a lot of info about it,
Views: | Author: alice | Date: 3-06-2015, 18:11
1 Hello!

Has anyone heard of eqhealth solutions? I am about to have an interview with them for a pediatric coordinator position. Is this a good company to work for? Any info would be much appreciated! Thank you!
Hello and welcome to the site.I moved y
Views: | Author: alice | Date: 3-06-2015, 18:52
Hello fellow forum members,

I've been searching this site for info for months now and finally decided to register. My wife and I are starting clinicals in January. We are trying to search for the best pay in order to maximize our nursing degrees. We
Views: | Author: peter | Date: 3-07-2015, 08:10
This is my first post, so be gentle. I have been poking around on this site as a guest on and off for a few weeks and finally joined to bug you with some questions, and ask for some input.

I will start with some background info. I am 34 years old, an
Views: | Author: jone | Date: 3-07-2015, 08:12
Hello All!
This is my first-ever thread, just found the site yesterday.
So if I posted this on the wrong forum, I'll appreciate the staff to move it on the right forum.
I just wanna seek some info from those nurses who used the interstate endorsemen
Views: | Author: alice | Date: 3-07-2015, 08:14
Hello! I am new to the site and I am considering enrolling in a phlebotomy course at a local college. I live in Tx. I just want to get as much info on phlebotomy as I can. For example do you have to be licensed in Tx to do phlebotomy or just certifie
Views: | Author: alice | Date: 3-07-2015, 08:22