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how do u cope with blame game

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I just got off orientation 2 wks back and am scared all the time what if I do this or this wrong. While putting IV's or blood draw I shiver what if it does not happen. I have very supportive team but get nervous by bullies over my head. How do you all cope with blame game in your 1st year of nursing. Sometimes i feel if old nurses look new nurses as threat then why are we hired ? if something happens on floor then by the time it reaches NM office,I am presented as rude nurse and I hear pack of lies about me. Are these nurses nightingales or nightmares ?
The other new RN's don't speak and I speak and I get into trouble. So, I dont speak at all ??? The work can be managed but what about the politics around me
Sometimes new nurses opinion's are not appreciated. What they don't tell you in nursing school is how to navigate through the sharks. You might consider asking one of the older nurses to advise you on things that you are still learning. Ask the NM office for a preceptor/mentor. It is tough on new nurses and we have all been through this at least once. Confidence will come in time.

I'm not quite sure I'm understanding your post entirely. So I will try to break it down. You feel comfortable with your "team" but feel that there are bullies over your head? What are they bullying you about? Is it regarding how to do things? Following P&P if so they might just be trying to help you. How do you cope with the blame game? You don't. You document what YOU did, what the pt did/said, no inferences. You fess up when you didn't do something and ask questions when you don't know how to do something. You do not use, "I'm new" as an excuse ever.Take the criticism of feeling as the "rude nurse" and examine it. Are you doing things others could perceive as rude?I do not feel that old nurses view new nurses as threats. I feel that old nurses view new nurses as liabilities. Depending on where you work people sometimes get attached to "their" patients. A lot of times it is thought that new nurses should not take care of the most complex patients because of their lack of expertise. What are you speaking out about? Things that are unsafe to the patients? If its anything else, my advice would be watch/listen/learn for at least a year before trying to change things.
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