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What jobs can I take??

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I'm a graduate and a licensed nurse from a foreign country and I'm in need of help in terms of job hunting.

I've just finished my CGFNS:CES and now I'm confused but to basically say it

I want to work as an LVN for the mean time to save money so I can review and get my RN here in the U.S. but is is possible to work as an LVN? or what other jobs can I take if LVN isn't possible?

thank you for future responses! have a good day.
To work as an LPN/LVN, you will need that licensure. Without it, you will only be able to take a job that doesn't require a license. These would include unit secretaries, nursing assistants, etc.

I see, thank you! now atleast I know here to look and what jobs i can actually apply for.

Certified nursing assistants and home health aides usually require some type of education process with testing and then receive authorization to work from their state Board of Nursing or state Dept of Health.
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