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» » New Grad - Just got a job at Starbucks. Help.

New Grad - Just got a job at Starbucks. Help.

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Any advice would be much appreciated. I don't know what to do. I feel trapped and anxious.

I'm 6 months post-grad in Southern California. I've have been applying to jobs in CA for the past 2 months with no responses so far. Due to tight finances, I thought I'd get a part time job at Starbucks. I just finished my second week training and found out the scheduling is very inflexible for first 90 days. I can't make my schedule nor can I request days off. Which means a lot of my time is devoted to not applying to nursing jobs. Am I making a wrong career move by working at Starbucks and further delaying my entry into nursing? I don't have any nursing prospects so this job is bringing in some financial help. But I fear that soon I'll be a stale new grad and stuck making coffee.

Stay at Starbucks and put in less effort into applying to nursing jobs. OR. Quit Starbucks after just two weeks and commit fully to nursing job hunt but minimal finances. I need to make a choice very soon. Any input would be very helpful. ty.
The time to be able to apply for nursing jobs would be your days off, or after/before work. I am sure you need to begin paying off your student loans soon. You need to be able to work to be able to do so.You could schedule any interviews on your days off.I would have a professional look at your resume and cover letter, and make suggestions on how to make it stand out. Best wishes!

Quote from NightWatchI'm 6 months post-grad in Southern California.

I am very sorry that it has gone this way. My suggestion is to keep your Starbucks job, but not to let it interfere with your search for a nursing job at all. Do not let your work schedule stop you from going to interviews, networking.Call out if a nursing interview comes up. Whenever possible, tell your boss beforehand, but don't consider it a requirement. A lot of people have a hard time putting themselves before their jobs, but you must train yourself to do it. It's coffee. No one will die if you don't show. If they fire you, so be it. Chalk it up to it just not working out with your schedule.
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