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Narcan prescriptions in NH

5-06-2015, 17:51 3874 0
Governor Hassan just signed a bill to allow doctors to prescribe Narcan for those at risk of an overdose.

Hassan signs bill allowing Narcan prescriptions | Politics - WMUR Home When I read NH, I thought - WOW! What a nursing home to need n

Student nurses and deposition

5-06-2015, 17:51 3025 0
Can a student nurse be called for deposition? Absolutely. Anyone can be called for a deposition.

Comment: Yes. Being a student doesn't protect you from legal action; hence why most nursing programs require their students to carry malpractice/liabil


5-06-2015, 17:51 2919 0
What are the nurse /patient ratios around the country for inpatient surgical/orthopedic units and how do you staff for 8-12 surgical patients that are coming without starting the day with unacceptable ratios ? How many beds are on your unit and what i

Is Nursing All About Stress?

5-06-2015, 17:51 4138 0
Whereas, I can appreciate your article.. the bottom line is nurses are CONSTANTLY bombarded with stressors from all angles.Nursing brings a unique level of anxiety. The solutions you propose will not lessen that anxiety. Nobody's got time for that.T

Job interview...waiting...

5-06-2015, 17:51 3369 0
I had a job interview last week for community nursing which I would love to get! I work pt on Surgical and casual on OB at our local hospital. I applied to the community nursing after two coworkers (who also work there) suggested I apply. Then I foun

Weird Job Shadowing Experience

5-06-2015, 17:51 3855 0
1 So I am still fairly new to AN, so if I do something wrong please let me know what it is and how to fix it.

So I have been looking for a nursing position for approximately 10 months. In the past 10 months I have had some of the oddest interview an

This week I have learned... (5/30/15)

5-06-2015, 17:51 2961 0
27 This week I have learned.....

1. Cocaine is still a hell of a drug.
2. No matter how nice you are to everyone, there will be an "us vs. them" vibe between hospital divisions when you're a nurse. It makes me sad because I've gone out of

Open mouth insert foot...

5-06-2015, 17:51 3183 0
16 We have all had a time in our lives where the most unfortunate things have come out of our mouths, and a coworker of mine had one recently, that while it caused an immediate cringe, could be looked back upon later with a chuckle, because we've AL

Forged name in nursing home

5-06-2015, 17:51 2847 0
Last night i was in our unit at work and my DON approached me wanting me to sign off on a treatment i didn't do or wasn't even there on i told her i didn't work that day and i wouldnt an aide witnessed it so my DON rolled her eyes sighed and walke

Nurse Corps Loan repayment 2015

5-06-2015, 17:51 3177 0
Hi all,

Has anyone heard anything yet? Im a NP, Tier 1, debt/income ratio 90%, no news yet ... I had this for 3 years, finished my commitment in 2013. People heard from July all the way until the end of September when I was given the award. I did not