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Hello everyone! I'm applying for Accelerated BSN Programs for Fall 2016 and I want to get a head start on Personal Statements... I found a poem on here actually and one line really stood out for me... " Success is failure turned inside out." I really want to use this as an opening to my personal statement. I was wondering what anyone thought about this or ANY helpful advice on personal statements? I really love the positive energy and support system on here! Thanks in advance.
Hi there! I have multiple degrees (BA, BS, MSN, MSEd, & working on Post-Master's certificate for FNP) so I can offer some advice on this front. I like that poem and if you want to write about a failure/bad experience actually being beneficial that's great, you just need a really good story. Just remember a personal statement is just that, PERSONAL. In my opinion your personal statement should reflect why it is you want to become a nurse. Are you changing careers? Why? What is it about nursing that has drawn you to it? Do you have a life experience that made you want to become a nurse? Why are you a better candidate than the other applicants? What about your personality, work ethic will make you a great nurse? Are you drawn to helping those less fortunate or sick? Who do you want to help (i.e. do you have a passion for pediatrics or do you really enjoy spending time with the elderly?). Do you know someone who is a nurse, CRNA, NP and they inspired you?You want your story to be unique and reflect what is special about you and why they should choose you over the next applicant. When I applied to nursing school I talked about how my mother was a nurse but I NEVER wanted to be a nurse. Then I spoke of a life event that made me question what was my current job at the time and why I decided to go into nursing. How I believe my personality and work ethic fit into nursing well. What I could bring to the table that would make me a great nurse. How I felt about people and the less fortunate in general; etc.I hope this helps.

Oh wow that's incredible!!! Thank you so much for your advice. Is there anyway - when I actually start my personal statement - that you could perhaps look it over for me? Thanks so much!
Author: alice  5-06-2015, 17:51   Views: 5630   
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