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Let's Make a Deal

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Sounds like you did a wonderful job with Ida. I'm sure she died happier because you took the time to care for her in her final days. In my experience, a bath has ALWAYS made the patient feel better. You should be proud of yourself. "It was at that point I no longer viewed her as a combative difficult patient, I saw all the humanity and suffering within her. There was a real woman in there that had been broken by her terrible situation." That quote was my favourite part btw.

that was a beautiful story. i have been there. i used to work in a nursing home and dealt with those types of residents. what made me smile was your title lets make a deal. that is the game i played with some of them. i would say let's make a deal... if you take all your meds, or if you let me do your dressing change , if you go to therapy...i will... it was something simple like singing a song, reading them a story, ect. however it worked and we both got some good memories out of it. bless you for caring!!!:redpinkhe

Sometimes just giving a little of your time, and taking the time to listen, makes a world of difference. You made Ida's last full day on this earth brighter because you took the time to see her as a human being and not just a duty assignment among several duty assignments.

What a touching story...and one we can all relate to I'm sure. We all have an "Ida" close to our hearts.

God Bless you Arievilo... Your jewels for your crown will be awaiting you in Heaven. You are a heavenly earth angel. You care.

For Ida it was her experience, and your lack. wouldn't it have been better for her that you to talk to the DR's about her resistance to doing things that probably made her more miserable and ask them to reduce the stress items so she could be comfortable. We feel so pressured to do what the Dr orders and not question for the good of the patient. Good luck there are tough calls to be made.
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