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Our hospital just went live with the new epic system has anyone experienced any problems with the new technology such as missing orders, codes status changes, charges, etc?
As a physician/nurse trainer and end-user support person for many of Epic's modules, I can say, yes these things happen. Regardless of how precise a facility has their Epic system modified to meet their needs, glitches can and will happen. It does take some time once a product goes live to get all the kinks worked out. Generally within 6 months, once all the glitches and fixes are done, the staff wonders how they got along without it.If you have any specific questions, feel free to private message me. Hang in there...Barb

Thanks Barb how do I get hold of you?

Click on the little envelope icon upper left corner of my reply. That should open so you can send a private message, then we can exchange email addresses.I sent you a pm due to you not having 10 posts yet which should have my email address in it...Barb
Author: peter  3-06-2015, 16:33   Views: 870   
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