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RN after PhD?

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I finished my PhD in Molecular Biology a few years ago studying immunosuppressant drug toxicity in transplant patients. After doing a postdoc for a year I left research, because, well I hate research. I have been looking for a new career and I always wanted to do more clinical work during my PhD, but as it turns out my project never got that far. Because my BS is in Biotechnology it will take me at least a year to complete the prerequisites in A&P and psychology before going into any nursing program. It's also been more than 10 years since completing my undergrad courses and a few school might make me retake a few classes.

Here is why I am writing this post. I am curious to hear your opinion about this situation. 1) am I crazy? 2) Because I already have an advanced degree in the sciences, would it make sense to spend less money going to an RN program at a community college, which would take two years, or would I be better off doing a BSN that I could complete in one year but cost me 20-30K more?

Thank you for reading my ramblings.
What do you want to do with your RN? Work bedside until you retire? It's harder and harder for people to get even bedside jobs without the bachelor's in nursing, so you might as well bite the big one and plan to get it.If you find yourself in the position of being able to use your nursing degree and your PhD knowledge, bonus! Nifty career ahead! I am assuming you don't want to pretend you never got it and that you have zero interest in the field.

Yes, what particularly interests you about nursing and where do you see yourself fitting in? What's your exposure to the field? Have you researched it much? (ok, that last one... I just couldn't stop myself) hahaI vote for the accelerated BSN if you move forward with your plans.

It sounds like you gave up on your first career rather quickly. Is it too late to try use your degree in something other than the research you don't like. What else can you do? Sometimes launching a career is going to have a few false starts and setbacks. How well do you really know nursing? Before you make any changes, know what you will be in for.

This is probably not a popular opinion, but you'd be working below your education and skills if you got into nursing.

No skip nursing all together. Go to PA school with that degree there should be no issue being accepted into a program. Then you will be out and caring for patients making more than a bedside nurse.
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