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Weird Job Shadowing Experience

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1 So I am still fairly new to AN, so if I do something wrong please let me know what it is and how to fix it.

So I have been looking for a nursing position for approximately 10 months. In the past 10 months I have had some of the oddest interview and job shadow experiences. For example....about three weeks ago, I interviewed for a PACU position at a small ASC on a Wednesday. She invited me to job shadow for the next two days. The first day went really well. I felt very comfortable with the position and really thought the job would be a good fit for me. The next day, Friday, I show up to job shadow to discover that I am the only nurse on for that day. So I am the it girl for pre-op, OR, and the PACU. We only had two procedures with one surgeon, so not a bad day. We finished up around 3:00 pm and since I was asked to shadow until 7:00 pm, I asked the nurse manager how else I could help. I was asked to organize a storage closet. Odd I thought, but went along with it. Maybe she wants to see how I "think outside the box." In the storage closet, behind boxes of toilet paper and old charts, there were boxes and boxes of expired fentanyl, propofol, dilaudid, brevital....It was insane. So I finish up organizing the closet (it's a little after 7:00 by this time) and I tell the nurse manager I was finished. I bring up my "little discovery" and ask if she needs help disposing of the controlled substances (which would have taken hours if we had to dump them all down the drain.) She smiles, says that I did good work, and says she will call me to let me know if I have been selected for the position. Needless to say, despite a thank-you note and two follow-up e-mails and one follow-up phone call I have not heard back from this job.

So was I just completely used because she had no one else to work that day? Has anyone else had a weird interview or job shadow experience?
Reading your first post, and now this... I must conclude you are pulling our leg.Especially when you describe yourself as male on your homepage, and refer to yourself as the "go to girl" in your "story".Perhaps, getting a life would be in order.

Did I refer to myself as a male? Can you tell me where so I can fix it? I looked on the homepage and couldn't find it. You are absolutely right, I do need to get a life. What I really need is a job, but that is taking a little longer than I expected. No, but really, I've had some really odd experiences these past few months and I'm really not sure why. Those were the two weirdest ones. My husband claims it is because I am applying to jobs advertised by craigslist that are anonymous. I know I should have just walked out of that ASC, but I think I am getting so desperate for a job that I tried to stick it out. I have an interview with a urology group tomorrow. Hope nothing weird happens!

Found it! I changed my profile. Thanks for pointing that out.

Job shadowing should be just that...shadowing another nurse; not you doing the job by yourself! You don't work there so you aren't covered by the employer if something should happen!They kept the expired meds in a closet with the toilet paper? Geez! Run away!!!Don't be that desperate for a job that you work in an unsafe work environment! It could cost you your hard earned license!

Quote from dah dohJob shadowing should be just that...shadowing another nurse; not you doing the job by yourself! You don't work there so you aren't covered by the employer if something should happen!

You're fast! I had to save to go back & read the other part of your I edited
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