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CNA week game ideas??

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Does anyone have any clever ideas for games celebrating CNA week?? Any and all ideas really appreciated.
Hi! I don't specifically do this for CNA week, but I do include them in a lot of games that I play with staff members, to prepare for JCAHO (and ensure good practice, of course:angel2: ). Here where I work, I'm the "lollipop CNS". When I walk up with my bag of lollipops, the question I ask may be related to infectious waste disposal, bomb threats, location of policies and procedures, or safe linen storage! If they give a right answer (99% of the time they do), they get a lollipop. If they don't, I guide them toward the right answer, THEN I give them a lollipop!:kiss Of course if a unit is drowning or too busy to play, then I can put my lollipops and sign-in sheet down and pitch in to help. We have some outstanding CNAs at this facility, and they are a great resource to students and new staff members.Wow, am I lucky!!!

Hi! We do a spin off of Jeopardy with topics in preparation for survey. We have built this very inexpensive board with velcro and such. The CNA's love it and it really educates them on what is expected and questions they may be asked during survey. Provide some cool prizes and you are a hit! We gave 15.00 gift certificates to local grocery stores and the mall.

This has nothing to do with education but we used to let our cnas have wheelchair races down a hall that was being renovated and buy the winner dinner on their break, it was alot of fun though I don't know how we would have explained it if one of them had been hurt.

Hi Flopmingale, I guess I'm a little confused here? What is your role/position in relationship to the CNAs? What is your goal for these games?The well thought out educational games have been fun for me as a nurse, but the Tupperware Party type games just for entertainment sake felt disrespectful, a waste of my way too short time. (Hey I'm not knocking Tupperware-love the stuff- just don't want to play those types of games on the job)I just wouldn't want you good intentions to be misinterpreted as disrespectful or condescending.I'll keep thinking for ideas that might be helpful.I compliment you for trying to acknowledge the CNAs.

We do nurse quirks. You write down on a piece of paper something no one knows about you and we make a board and everyone has to quess who the quirk matches too and whoever gets the most right gets a prize. And it is a great way to learn things about your team members. We also have quess the picture. We take pictures of meds, supplies, equipment (a part of the item) and you have to guess what the image is.

We r doing a carnival themed week at our prizes food and fun....doing pie in the face for charge nurses....baloon dart throw ...we all get in teams that have to have one nurses aide on it make up a name and make team spirit shirts and compete through out the whole the end of the week the CNAs get individual awards that are sometimes donated or just little things to use at work and the TEAMS are awarded with who gets the most points through out the week!!! It is very exciting and gets everyone at the nursing home involved!!!!!!
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