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Syringe Question

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I'm a new grad and starting my first job this week. I know I should remember this from school (and certainly from the boards), so I'm deathly afraid if I ask this in real life I'll look really dumb! (Which maybe I am...)

If the plunger of the syringe is pointed instead of flat, where do you measure from? Do you measure from the line the point is pointing at or from the base?

For example, does this picture show 20 ml or 25 ml?

Thanks for your help!

~ Maggie
I would count that as 25ml? Anyone else?

I would say 25ml's also... you always measure from the base of that little cone... some meds you might draw up in your career, you won't be able to see the point (propofol for example...)Oh and to add... the only way you'll look dumb once you're on a floor is for not asking questions... the only dumb question is the one not asked! If your preceptor is going to judge you for a question you ask, maybe that preceptor isn't the right one for you... Good luck on your first job!

Picture is a bit blurry (on my PC anyway) but it looks like 25mL's to me.Please don't feel "dumb" for asking this. Better to ask than to inadvertantly give someone 20mL's instead of 25.

25ml, the black line is your marker.

It's 25 ml...the measurement is taken from the base of the black triangular cone. Just make sure that all air bubbles are expelled from the syringe first, or the reading will be inaccurate.

Thank you for all your replies! I had a feeling that's what it was after I asked. I think the reason the plunger is cone-shaped is to expel all of the medication from the syringe. So glad I asked all of you knowledgeable nurses! Thanks again, Maggie

That wasn't a dumb question. I remember wondering the same thing at one point.

Not dumb at all. We had to answer that very question on a dosage test in the lab before we were even allowed to give any injections.

Quote from april, rnthat wasn't a dumb question. i remember wondering the same thing at one point.

Maggie... you have just shown you have one of the most important characteristics of a great nurse! Keep asking those questions and good luck with the new job

Good question! And other new nurses can learn too now that you asked it!

This is basic stuff. I had a problem when I first started nursing and I got out all my books and went over everything. If you cannot remember then make a copy of the instructions, look in your medication guide book on how to... write a note card in your own handwriting so you can interpret it well, and carry it with you all the time! After awhile you'll remember. Good luck.
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