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Funky Nurse

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I haven't tried this game yet, but my mom came across this article as we were nerding it up online this morning at the beach.

Thought some might be interested in checking it out and giving us feedback on image, reality, as well as the intended message from the charity that supports it.

Going to look at it this afternoon and write up my own review of it as well.


Link directly to the game here:

Review: I played the first four levels. It is basically like Diner Dash where you click on different parts, such as starting the IV Chemo and then escorting patients to entertainment areas. I get the idea of it, interested to hear from RN's that have a specialty in this area as to if the ideas put forward by this charity are realistic. Last edit by Tait on Aug 17, '11
It's cute, Tait. I tried the game for a bit. Shared this with my friends who work in Heme/Onc.Good find!

I lasted about 1 1/2 minutes before wondering what the point was..... Sorry

i like it!! lol

I couldn't get it to work on Firefox for Mac Os X.
Author: alice  3-06-2015, 17:43   Views: 329   
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