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» » first job interview in Psych Hospital. Please help!!

first job interview in Psych Hospital. Please help!!

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Hey yall, i'm a new grad and I graduated 1 year ago. I just scheduled my first job interview at a Psych Hospital. I'm nervous and unsure what kind of questions they will ask me for Psych. Can you give me some help with what kind of questions they might ask for a Psych Hospital, anything I should know in particular? I live in a very dense area and the competition is so fierce! This job means a lot to me. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!
Congrats--hope it goes well. I've worked psych for years. Study up on psychtropic meds--antianxiety meds, antidepressants, antipsychotics. Know some examples, know the side effects. You may be asked about your leadership abilities, positive and negative characteristics, ethics questions(i.e., if you'd turn in a friend who violated policy and procedure), safety and security questions, your actions in a situation where you find a patient cutting himself with a sharp object, your actions in a situation if you found two patients fighting or in a sexual situation---remember these are mental patients and they OFTEN ARE VIOLENT. Hope these tips help.

Hi! Congrats and good luck! I work in a psych unit as well and agree with the last post. I would also add a couple of things I have been asked: How do you handle appropriate boundaries? How would you provide education to a patient?

Nice link to help you prepare link to ask interviewer. googled and tons on info poped up. Best of luck!

I haven't interviewed for anything psych related, but I've been going through interviews as a new grad and the most popular question is how do you work in groups and how do you handle stress.

I work as a charge nurse on day shift for a psych unit in a hospital. I frequently interview prospective nurses, and the previous posts pretty much covered the important points. Just let the interviewer know how excited you are at the prospect, and that you are eager to learn. Have an answer ready as to why you want to work in the psych field. Also, being a team player is critical as we all have to watch each other's back You never know what to expect, and there's usually never a dull moment! Good luck to you.
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