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» » Admitting a med error on Facebook??!!

Admitting a med error on Facebook??!!

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An RN that I graduated with, recently went on Facebook and admitted to a med error. And then gave details.

Myself (and one other person) cautioned her not to do this, so she erased this status. But she still continues to "talk"about the 'crazy' psych pts she works with. It's awful, I hate that she does this.

Ever hear of anyone else doing such a thing?

I'd love to hear other people's experiences/opinions on this.

Yes people have made similar statements regarding our hospital. We have had numerous warnings and education. We are cautioned against posting anything that could reflect negatively on our facility in ANY way. She should be cautioned as this could harm her career. I don't think she will get fired for making these posts but it could certainly be used as a supporting cause.

Some people on Facebook talks about their jobs. Some Facilities has a zero tolerance and your friend may lose her/his job. You may want to talk to her and ask her not to do this because she may lose her jobs. Everyone you work with is not your friend. Just a thought.

This is a major no-no. This is a case of some people posting waaaaaaaay too much info. The only thing I usually post about my job is that "I'm tired after work", "today is my Friday", etc. No need to go into detail as TMI will eventually come back and bite you in the rearend. Depending on where she works this info maybe grounds for building a case for dismissal. Not so much a HIPPA violation but more like "what goes on in the hospital/clinic/nh stays in the nh". At least that was the rule at my former place of employment and present place of employment.

She's being really stupid, but you can always hide her status updates if it bugs you that much. You could even defriend her, but she might whine about it. Or, you could sit and watch the train wreck!

Some people have to learn the hard way. You have warned her already. There is really not much more you can do.

Just a thought...imagine she was unknowingly posting about someone you care about/love. I suspect you would be angry and disappointed. This, in my opionion, is an instance when you must be a patient advocate. A good starting point would be to send these posts to her supervisor. The next would be the BON.

Agreed that it shouldn't be done with such detail. I see nothing wrong with "I made a med error and I feel horrible" a person could get support. But giving details could get her fired. It's been known to happen.I rarely, if ever talk about work on my FB in any great detail. One of my friend put on my facebook that the patient in room 222-B (not the real room) coded after I left and I quickly deleted it and reminded her about HIPPA.

Quote from dudette10 Or, you could sit and watch the train wreck!

You gave her the heads-up; there's nothing more you can do. She'll have to learn this one the hard way.Even though I love my job and like (90% of the time) where I work, I rarely talk about work other than the generic "long/busy/slow day, etc." It's safer in the long run.

I don't understand nurses who talk about patients and work so freely on Facebook, and actually become defensive about it as if we're living in the dark ages when we point out the possible problems.Usually the talk is about privacy settings provided by Facebook as the solution to our perceived paranoia. I guess they don't follow the news very carefully.

I am okay with people using facebook but people who publish the stories of their life annoy me. It is not a professional website and you never know who has access to your page and you can't possibly control everything. people are taking facebook seriously, facebook is becoming like a daily newspaper where everything you want to hear and read is in there somewhere. I love privacy.

Another RN who works on that same floor, refers to it (psych unit) as a "three ring". On Facebook. Disrespectful, IMHO.
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