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» » Should I go over my supervisors head?

Should I go over my supervisors head?

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3 Ok guys, I have been with this company for a little over a year now. From the get go I noticed little things that made me question my decision to accept the position offered. The constant over turn of employees worried me, I mean the manager that hired me got fired three days after I started. Anyhow..... occasionally we are asked to work at other locations if our doctor is out. I was asked to work at another Pedi clinic for half a day people...... and just within those hours I found multiple errors and problems in the way the clinic was set up and run. Now I understand that the girl is a new MA and they are only taught the how but not the why....... but. For ex. I found that she removes all the needles from their package that she uses for any vaccine or injection, ALL OF THEM. If they run out of a vaccine on that day they go ahead and chart and charge it as being given that day and call the patient back in when they get a new shipment. Her vaccine refrigerator is completly disorganized. I could not find the vaccines that I needed for a 4 month old because everything was just thrown in their. I tried to let a my new supervisor know only to get my head bitten off about making comments to the doctor of the issues that I encountered. I was told that it was MY responsability to inform this girl of what she was doing wrong and and why it was wrong. Look there is already animosity between the clinics, why is it my responsibility. I've tried before teaching her aseptic technique and correct protocols to only get the rolling of her eyes. So I informed my supervisor that I would not tell her anything that it was his job and that I would be e-mailing him to document our conversation. Am I wrong for this, should I go up higher to let someone else know of the potential danger, these are children were talking about.
To answer your original question, I'm going to say yes. That sounds like a disaster area.

I am rarely a proponent of going over anyone's head. This is an exception. I believe I would go to the physician in charge of the vaccine program (those meds are being shipped to and signed for by a physician somewhere) and explain to him/her that you have tried to go through the chain of command without success; you're not trying to get anyone in trouble, but are merely concerned that children receive the vaccines they need in a safe and effective manner.Having been a Certified Med Assistant for almost 19 years, I know that they do not work under a nurse's license (as nursing assistants do) in most states. That means the doc is the one who is going to be held to account for errors made by this MA working in the office. The physician needs to know that this particular employee needs training on the correct procedures, record keeping, legal charting, etc. Depending on what state you live/work in, you might check with the state vaccine office. In North Carolina, for example, the vaccines are supplied to primary care offices through a state vaccination program. There are very strict guidelines for record-keeping, including accurate legal charting of vaccines with LOT NUMBERS of what was actually given so patients/parents can be notified in case of recalls -- which are not as rare as we might like to believe! The good news is that the state program also will send representatives to train office staff in everything from charting to administration of meds to choosing the correct needle length.Sorry you're in the middle of a mess, but thanks to God you're willing to step out on a limb for the kids involved.

Quote from Judy, LVNAm I wrong for this, should I go up higher to let someone else know of the potential danger, these are children were talking about.

To go above a supervisors head is very unprofessional, however when your supervisor is acting unprofession.Well it seems like you just got a golden ticket to play by her rules. If your environment is not up to par or is unsafe or she is doing things that aren't exactly by the book, and you say nothing about it.Well technically it's your fault also for not reporting her actions. Don't be the one to catch the burn for her errors.
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