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» » LSU CARE out-of state chances?

LSU CARE out-of state chances?

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I'm planning on applying to LSU CARE in 2011. I love the program and as of now, it's my #1 choice.

I'm wondering if any current or prospective CARE students can tell me about your chances of getting in as an out-of-state resident? How many people are in a given class that are non-LA residents? Do they look highly on local community involvement?

Any thoughts or advice is much appreciated!
Hi Karanikita!I am also going to be applying to LSUs CARE program in Spring 2011. I think as far as LSU is concerned I am still an out-of-state student, but I have been here since 2006. I moved here from Maine to go to Tulane, just graduated. I was concerned about getting in, but I was told that state residency is not taken into consideration for acceptance.I hope that this is the truth. I assume that it is, since they have not problem saying that state residency IS a factor in getting into the PA program in Shreveport. Thats my logic anyhow.I'm sure community involvement would be a benefit to you, esp. in the essay/interview. Best of luck!Lindsay
Author: alice  3-06-2015, 16:30   Views: 1036   
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