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» » Just interviewed a nurse who *loves* her job

Just interviewed a nurse who *loves* her job

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10 What a refreshing treat I just had. I'm writing an article for which I needed to interview a couple of nurses. I just got off the phone with a home health nurse who, 20 years into her career, still absolutely loves her work. She's worked in many areas, including home health psychiatry, and loved that as well.

Her enthusiasm was so catching that I couldn't help but smile as she was talking. She is very happy with her present employer and she told some stories that exemplified what a wonderful organization she works for.

Nursing isn't her first career - before that she worked with, get this, elephants! She trained animals and she's driven trucks. Then 20 years ago, she went back to school to be a nurse.

I know some us aren't happy with our jobs and really don't find ourselves in a great work situation, but it is refreshing to hear from a nurse who is getting out of her job what she does and that she continues to give.
I know you might see a slanted view from vent posts here but I love my job and think a majority of nurses I work with feel the same.

I love my job, too! There tends to be a lot of venting here because our non-nursing friends and family can't relate to us sometimes like other nurses can.

I love my job too!! People come here to vent and get things off their chest. They know we will understand.It is nice to read about others who are happy and not working is poor conditions. It can be done but it isn't always easy for all to find. And 20 years in is no small feat. Bravo to your nurse!!

I love my job too! I'm 45 years old and have only been a nurse for 2 years I was hired directly into ICU on the weekend program. I hate the alarm at 0500 and lay in bed for 30 seconds going through a list of deathly diseases that I must have which should keep me from getting out of bed; but once I get past that, I'm up and happy to be going to work.The only thing I have a hard time with is phlem I can handle poop, blood, and varies other bodily fluids, but yucky phlem still makes me gag.

I love my job. Even when I deal with the drug seekers, drama, blood, customer service BS, whiny nurses, and cranky docs at the end of the day I love that I made someone feel better. Perhaps even played a small part in saving a life. What a tremendous privilege I have been given!

It is very refreshing reading all of your posts, you nurses love your jobs yes! I am in college for a Nursing degree. I have always wanted to be a nurse and I am 36, kids are in school, so it is time for my degree. I work for an Oral Surgeon and Love that so I am very happy to read that you all love your nursing jobs. Thank you for sharing.

Count me in the bunch. I am very happy with My job too. I love what I do.

I couldn't imagine doing anything else. Yes it sucks to *think* about being up for 12 hr nocs but I actually enjoy my time at work

Count me in! I love my job as well! I only work the weekend option (two 12 hour night shifts Sat and Sun) and I love it! I do pick up two 8 hour day shifts during the week in the GI lab to help out and to have something to do while the kid is at school. I love I can do outpatient during the week and then inpatient on the weekends.I love the patient population I served and every time I go to work it's like entertainment. Never know what's gonna happen and I love that aspect about my job.

I absolutely LOVE being an RN. I've only been out of school a little over a year, but I wish I'd done it years ago.

This is the second time today that I've heard a nurse say she loves her job (ok, so there's 20 of you on this post saying the same thing) and I am so glad to hear it. I met a nurse at the mall today and she has been nursing for over 20 years and still loves it. I am a nursing student with 1 1/2 years left to go and frankly the economy and the rants have made me not come on here as much as well as second guess my 2nd career choice. Thank you for posting these messages. I'm happy to see that there is a possibility that I won't hate my job once I get one.

Count me as another nurse who loves her job! I am never bored, work with fantastic people (well, 95% of them), and I feel genuinely appreciated and liked by my patients. what could be better?Seriously, I think some nurses don't appreciate how mind-numbingly boring a job could be.
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