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» » Vent: Clinics that don't stock supplies

Vent: Clinics that don't stock supplies

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SO I just got a job at an assisted living facility and I am excited to start not to mention make an income. Well, the facility sends me to an occupational clinic to get a drug and mantoux test done on Monday. The facility said I could start Wed once I got it read. Lo and behold the clinic ran out of mantoux shots. Isn't there suppose to be someone who does inventory so these things don't happen? What are they getting paid to do??? SO I can't start work till next week. I just called today and they are still out and told me it takes a few days and probably will be in Friday. THe last girl told me they'd probably be in today because they overnighted it. There's nothing I can do since that the company the assisted facility sent me to and they are paying fo the mantoux. If it doesn't get here by Friday or early Monday morning next week I'm going to be screwed again. Ugh!
Well... **** happens... is all I can say... sometimes you run out of things... I do all the inventory and ordering for my dept and I try my best to keep everything in stock, sometime things are on back order or I just simply forget to order it in time, because Heaven forbid I have to do something more important... That reminds me... I need to stock my needles...

I would see if you can go to your local health department and have one done and bring the results to your job.

I agree with the previous poster...I would check with your local clinic or family doc. If you have to pay out of pocket, maybe your employer will reimburse you...Good luck and congrads on your new job!!:redpinkhe

I never understand why places of employment (in the medical field of course) do not stock the required tests and immunizations so that they can be done there, free of charge to the employees. Every place I have ever worked has done those for me within my first week or 2 of employment, even in the long term facility I worked at. They applied and read my PPD and they administered my first Hep B series...
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