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discouraged at work need to vent...

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hey all,

i had a rough time at work and just need to vent.

i am an lvn and have been filling in as the nurse at an a.l. community for the past month because of vacations and the previous nurse quitting. i was hired as a medication tech and the d.o.n. knew i had my license which is why she asked me to fill-in. now the nurse position is available and i have expressed my interest in the position but i don't think i'm going to get it even though i have seniority. first, i am an old-new graduate and this is my first nursing job. i know that the e.d. wants someone with more experience. second, most of my co-workers are some of the worst people i've met in my life. they gossip, tell lies, are two-faced, and say negative things about me to my boss and the e.d.! i was shocked when i heard that this was happening. i was thrown into this position to help out. i am a hard-worker and have been doing the best that i can do. i know that there is a lot that i still have to learn but geez, give me a break. i have never experienced a work-place environment like this my whole life. and my family and friends will tell you that i am the nicest, most caring person. i got the florence nightingale award in school!

i want to quit but i can't (rent, bills, etc.). i've been trying to find another job but there's nothing out there. i am so discouraged. is this the common experience in every new nurse's job?

thanks for any advice.
I certainly feel for you. The behavior you describe from your co-workers is way more common than it should be. I also work at an A.L. facility and I'm beginning to wonder if those places are all bad. The way ours is run is an absolute nightmare. Anyway, I really hope that things will get better for you. There aren't many things worse than having to work at a job where you are unhappy and you don't have other options. I'm sort of in that situation myself...

I'm sorry, but I don't know what A.L. means...

Quote from BookwormRNI'm sorry, but I don't know what A.L. means...

Quote from CrazierThanYouSorry, its assisted living.

You work with women.You have to figure out how to deal with them--figure out the alphas (very strong personalities) the betas (the wishy washy ones) then try to get along with the personalities--so much easier said than done, I know....Good luck...

hello there:please be aware that unfortunately there is a lot of this out there. I myself got a job back in 2008 as a Medical Assistant and was the worse nightmare for me and any other MA that came along. The manager and the head MA where allies in destroying the reputation of any one that came to work at that office. it was really bad. But I decided I was going to leave when I want it to, not when they want it. I did my job well, I din not lose compassion for the patients and kept going one day at a time. Then one day I left to a better job. It's been like 2 years now and they still tell me to go back to the office and work for them, of course I won't but they they realize now they lost a good hearted, efficient employee. Over 6 MA have passed through the same thing and so far they all hold 2-6 mo working there, no one can stand what they do. My advice, I know is thought but don't let anyone make you leave, stand your ground and be the best nurse you can be, it shows believe me. And don't quit either on looking for another job at your pace, if something comes up then leave.

I am so so sorry and you can vent anytime here :-) I learned very early on that nursing is always going to have a competitive edge and with women dominating the field- well there will always be some gossip, envy and plain immature behaviors. Trust me I know this is easier said then done, but you must rise above it and don't let obstacles stand in your way (negativity). Most times there are those who play jedi mind games to off set your goals. Don't let them. These people are not paying your bills and definitely must feel some kind of threat from you. And ask yourself, "do I want to work under all this stress? Is it worth it?" You know stress kills... You are in charge of your destiny, no one else. You make the final decision. You can keep looking and network with others to find another place to work OR stay where you're at and shut these people off. Besides you have more important things to worry about (your patients)... You'll be fine. If anything this will make you stronger :-)

thanks to everyone for the advice. today was actually a good day at work in that my d.o.n. and another coordinator backed me up in a meeting with the e.d. she said i was a different person from who i was before her vacation and who i am now (more confident). as i said before, i was thrown into the position to help out. it felt good to be recognized for my hard work. unfortunately, the e.d. still wants someone "stronger and with more experience". this is the same person who said he would recommend me in a heartbeat when i was set on transferring to another facility. i did not say that part of my reason for transferring was because the people and environment were so negative. the reality is that i probably won't get the position. but in the meantime, i will continue to focus on the residents and my work.
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