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Confused with RN Level I II III...

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I was job hunting for the first time as a new RN, and I was confused with the titles with RN I, II and III..can someone please explain and do I need to do some special training or education to achieve those higher levels?
The leveling of RN is up to a healthcare system, not up to State Boards or sort of certification exam results. My facility only has two levels, whereas some places have I-IV.

I had this exact question! Also some of them refer to "1 yr exp as RN II" for RN III, or exp as RN I to be RN II... IDK!

These levels are employer-based, and are contingent on the employer's requirements. You should read the job descriptons for each and/or inquire with the employer HR department.

Where I work, RN I is entry level and some nurses may stay there for their career. RN II job description includes all that RN I does and then some specialty training. RN III includes all of RN I and RNII job descriptions and some additional education such as masters degree or certificates and so on. Each level has a different base salary range.

So is I generally lowest and III generally highest, or might it be reversed in some places?

My facility also does the I through IV.RN I is an RN in her 1st year of workingRN II is an RN after their first yearRN III Is have to put together a portfolio based on certain standards that are given & $1 an hour raiseRN IV, also optional, just another portfolio, but more work than RN III & $2 an hour raise.Both RN III and IV are "proof" via a point system that you are more knowledgable. The portfolios are supposed to tout your high points and basically sell yourself to a committee that looks over and approves or denies your request.This is specific to my healthcare system though. Everywhere you go will be different.

Sounds like a case of calling HR. Thanks for these different answers!

thank you so much for the back to job hunting..

This is also sometimes called " Professional Ladder" and each level requires more education and extended classes
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