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I'm done!...Vent!

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13 Be forewarned, this is a vent.

I have been in nursing exactly one year. My goal when I started was to be the best nurse I could possibly be and learn the aspects of my new career.

My new goal for the upcoming year is to get out of the hospital setting and work on an advanced degree so I'll never be forced to work in one again.

I'm learning my job, I feel that for one-year in, clinically, I'm where I'm supposed to be. I am very proud of my charting, I feel that I manage my time well, I am always willing to help anyone that asks. I am always very, very professional.

So why am I leaving?

1. Rude co-workers. If they don't like their job, they need to find another one.

2. A hospital that spends tons of money recruiting us to work for them, but doesn't spend a penny on retention and then work very, very hard to cheat you out of every dime they possibly can.

3. The BS that comes from all kinds of crap that has nothing to do with my job.

I have realized that I have just had it. I hate being the scapegoat for another nurse that comes in the morning and takes it out on me. I'm tired of having to sit with my paycheck every two weeks and a calculator to make sure I'm getting paid for all the hours that I put in and having to put in requests MONTHLY to correct something and it's never fixed the first time.

So, if nurse recruiters and managers want to know why they are short-staffed or have a staffed that doesn't give a flip...this is's because the ones that DO care about their job are being run off, which sometimes leaves those that don't care and are there to punch a clock.

Of course, that doesn't put everyone in that category that is a senior nurse...I have had several that bend over backwards to help me and I would do anything I could to help them.

I spent today upgrading my resume and figuring out how I can cut back things, even necessities in order to do less and be happy than to come home every day miserable and never wanting to go back.

It shouldn't be like's not the work, it's the people and the environment, not the patients, the families or anything that is required to take care of them.
I totally understand, an I am sorry you are going through this. It is not like this everywhere. Good luck.

Boy do I feel you! It is the same at some LTC facilities. They give you 20-30 pts with only a couple of CNAs to help you, so there is never enough time in the day to finish everything that they want or you feel needs to be done clinically. Then they write you up for staying over to finish your charting OR write you up for not completing all of the paperwork OR threaten to write you up when you clock out and still work to try to finish the paperwork. It's a darned if you do, darned if you don't thing. I am currently trying to find something different, but like you I don't have very much experience. Good luck to you in finding something that you will truely love and people that will truely love you for what you do.

It was a rough few years before I found the right spot but don't give up. It's out there.

By any chance OP, is your hospital for-profit?

I am starting to feel these same things... and I just started as a CNA. I have only a little bit of school left. I see the **** **** politics and management already. And, I am not in a high profile spot, like you are. Good for you for getting your first year. You will find better. It has to be out there.I wasn't prepared for the 'business end' of this field... and I never imagined that those in a 'caring' profession would be so uncaring to their employees.

I won't blow smoke up your.....dress Nursing stinks if you care about what you do. Why is it the worthless lazy brown nosing people treated like gold, and the ones who trully care about the residents are treated like....dirt ( cleaned it up a bit). If I could find another job that paid as well I would leave Nursing in a heartbeat!!!!

I feel your pain. Been a nurse for 8 months. I am sick of nurses that eat their young. I have just been suspended without pay because I ticked another nurse off back in January and she has secretly been documenting EVERYTHING she thinks Ive done wrong since then (and had her roomate and cousin do the same) including things like not stocking the room...of course some things were valid, but did not warrant this! she handed the floor manager 5 pages of notes and told her my patients were in danger...if they were in danger, why did she wait so long? Unfortunate I had just found out I was pregnant and had just told the manager the day before they suspended me. I have had to hire a lawyer, but I am screwed because of one person being angry with me. Its insane.

When I was a new nurse I had a hard time loving nursing, I thought "if this was it - forget about it". I decided to give it another shot and I went and did travel nursing and found out that there was better things out there. My advice - don't give up, just try something different. The best part about nursing is there are TONS of things to do with it. Don't give up! Pam

15 years exp. in long term care. if you **** off an aid your screwed> I was fired becuase I tripped over a wheel chair and cussed (metal foot pedal hit me in the shin bone). the aid was ****** because I didn't invite her to my wedding. So she went and made up a story saying I cussed at the resident I was suspended by the adon lpn and fired without being able to defend myself over the phone no less!

Oh yeah I'm an RN! Ohio law says an LPN can't supervise an RN

sorry that happened to you, but dont make it worse by demeaning an lpn. A nurse is a nurse. I am an RN and there have been many LPN's in my career who could run circles around an RN. Good luck.

No doubt some of the best nurses I've worked have been LPN's and learned quite abit from them I respect people who deserve respect!! however this lpn was a jerk and should not have in any supervisory position to begin with!!
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