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» » Vacation time for M-F people-how much time?

Vacation time for M-F people-how much time?

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Another post got me thinking.

If you are a M-F (40 hr./week or more) person where you don't build PTO on the hours you work, how much vacation do you normally receive per year? (hours or weeks)

I get 28 vacation days, 3 personal, and unlimited sick time.

I get 18 hours a month, and after 5 years, it goes to 22.

The norm is to start with 3 weeks vacation, 2 weeks sick, 7 legal holidays 3 personal leave days. Usually after 5 years vacation increases to 4 weeks everything else remains.Now if you are where I am we get PTO and holidays only. PTO is 22/8hour days for the first 5 years and increases, not sure to what. Holidays are paid 8 hours each, no personal leave just 7 legal holidays.Check with HR about your facility. If you work PT as I do, but am scheduled three 12s most weeks, you can accrue your PTO and STILL have 8 or 9 days together off every month. The weeks I want off I work either Su/M or M/TU, off till Th/F or F/SA. It's great when it works out.

I think I get like 30 days total if you add up all the paid vacation, sick leave, personal days, etc. Not too shabby.

Evidently, I'm not complaining...I work 8am-4pm, I get 4 weeks vacation, 5 personal days, unlimited sick days, & I don't work holidays or weekends

Sheesh. I get 6 holidays, and three weeks of PTO. I usually have to take more and end up taking vacation without pay. Three weeks doesn't cut it.
Author: jone  3-06-2015, 16:31   Views: 1306   
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