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Progressive PUP education

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There has to be more effective ways to educate patients and there families on pressure ulcer prevention (PUP). What got me thinking about this was a newbie nurse I work with. Her method of telling patients about Bedsores seemed almost comical.

I have used some unorthodox PUP education methods with entitled non-compliant patients. My favorite is to go online and show them a full color picture of a stage 4 pressure ulcer or show them a Youtube video of a stage 4 dressing change - In every instance I have done that, the patients end up turning themselves, and become more aware of the REALITY of complications.

Perhaps along with the patient handbook that includes information on room service and all that crap, There needs to be a full page add with a nasty picture of a bedsore as a reminder to active participate in care.

Maybe I am too progressive, but I think that we need to fully educate patients on this serious issue.

Staff Too! There needs to be something from our hospital marketing department in staff lounges - Maybe a PUP poster with Scratch-N-Sniff.....nothing like the aroma of purulent drainage to help you face your day.
I think you are on to something. I'm sure many patients don't think it could happen to them, and that it only occurs when you are "out of it." As for the scratch-n-sniff (yuck), it certainly brings home the message (gag).

This would be good for family members who take elderly relatives home only to return them with a big mushy heel.

This makes me chuckle but you have great ideas. NDNQI has free training modules for nurses. Assessing upon arrival with uniform assessment and interventions are helpful. I really like the scratch and sniff
Author: alice  3-06-2015, 16:31   Views: 1040   
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