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community health educator job?

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Does anyone know if a county health educator job would be a good job?

Does anyone know what a CHE does day to day?

When in nursing school, one of my instructors was the CHE, she only worked 15-20 hours per month. She took care of the bulliton board at the HD. Kept current info avaliable for public viewing on topics such as "swine flu" "quitting smoking" "where to get help etc". Ordered pamplets to display, Taught CPR classes every couple of months. Its wasn't a very difficult or demanding job, and she seemed to enjoy it. I can only assume that she worked/monitored closely the CDC, because during the "swine flu" outbreak she knew all the stats, as to how many "real" cases where in our area, and the protocals for dealing with it etc.
Author: jone  3-06-2015, 16:31   Views: 1261   
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