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Hi! I need help. I will be having a phone interview on friday for princeton health for their RN OR training program. I wonder what questions they will ask? this is my first phone interview and a bit nervous. Help!
most likely standard interview questions - strength/weaknesses, why you want to be a nurse, why OR. They might also ask you behavioral style questions as those are becoming more and more popular - tell me about a time when you...felt stressed, handled a bad situation, had to make an important decision. It's best to have examples for those kind of questions, so I would try to jot some notes down before your interview begins. Good luck!

In my experience they very quickly go over your education, experience, why you left your last position, why you are seeking this one. Then the main part of the interview consists of the behavior questions. Some of the ones I have been asked include:*Tell me about a time when you made a mistake in nursing, and what you did to correct it.*Tell me about a time had to deal with a difficult patient, and what happened.*Tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult coworker and what happened.*Tell me about a time you had to use your critical thinking skills.*Tell me about an instance when your time management skills invaluable.*Tell me about a time when you felt in over your head what did you do.* You have pt. X, Pt. Y, Pt.Z, and Pt.A. What do you do, who do you go to first? How would you deal with this situation?There are tons of these, and no true way to know what will be asked. Just go over your clinical experience in your head. If you havent started working as a nurse yet then use your life experience, other work experience, and school clinicals. Pick out areas that were a challenge, and reflect upon those. Try to have a quiet environment (no kids, no one can walk in), a nice cup of coffee, relax,and be yourself when your having your interview. You will do fine.

Thank you for your responses! What you posted were fabulous, I am trying to reflect and answer them now. Again, Thanks. Pls include me n your prayers. Btw, right now, I am working in a ltc facility.
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