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My First Vent

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4 This is my first vent on allnurses, I just had an awful shift where I only got to sit for about 30 minutes out of 14 hours, didn't get to pee, and my feet feel like death and my mind is numb from all the crazy. So here goes:

I am fed up. I'm fed up with meetings telling staff that we need to triple document hourly rounding in many redundant ways. That we need to chart 90 new things every single shift. Oh and make sure you do it by 4 hours into your shift!

Even though ALL of your patients are contact isolation, half are total cares with diarrhea and/or vomiting and pain medication every 2-3 hours, some with all 3. One is coming back from OR, and here's another admission with a critically low K. Oh and we can't get a sitter for your sundowner who jumps out of bed every 2 seconds and screams loud enough to keep all the other patients awake - all night. And oops we only have one tech for the whole floor so don't expect much help. And just for fun we're going to split up your assignment so that you have to walk the length of the entire floor of the hospital building. Oh, and let's also play chasing the docs at home at 0300 for critical lab results as they play hot potato, not wanting to make a decision. Sprinkle on some crazy rhythm changes on a previously stable patient on top, who - wait for it - has apparently gone the entire admission of 5 days without receiving his regular beta-blocker and no one has noticed.

It is so disheartening to run around nonstop trying your best to be superhuman and keep your patients safe, wearing your body down every night and ignoring the pain in your feet and the sheer exhaustion, and still being unable to meet the expectations espoused by management. And to feel like your job is constantly under threat because no matter how hard you try, at every meeting it's hammered in that you're not good enough when you have no support and inadequate resources to meet unrealistic expectations. And no one cares.

We keep losing staff and have had plenty of people fired recently. Now we're expected to come in on our days off to do extra activities, unless we want our annual reviews to be negatively impacted. Acuity is being increased on the unit, while ratios remain the same. Last edit by ak2190 on Jun 4
I thought you were a new nurse taking care of your first vent patient!Your job sounds really stressful. Sounds like you are deserving of some quality time off! If things are really this bad most of the time, it might be time to start looking around. Not all units are like that.Good luck!

No answers here. I've had waaay to many shifts like that.Since healthcare became a business, nurses have become slaves to the corporate masters. It's only going to get worse.My answer was to get as far away from the bedside as possible. You have the experience and credentials to do the same.

Sounds like everyone needs to clarify w/ management that you will not prioritize real time charting over patient care. If that is an issue for them, then everyone needs to vote with their feet. Because that is completely ridiculous.As for not getting to pee, just go pee. I'm sure they don't pay you enough, and they clearly don't appreciate you enough, for you to endure that kind of discomfort.

Isn't nursing wonderful? It's no wonder so many people are willing and eager to pay outrageous nursing school tuition - so that they can work in such an absolutely perfect job.We've all had shifts like that. That's why God gave nurses 12-hour bladders. In the grand scheme of things, it was a success - everyone was still alive and safe when you managed to stumble out the door and drag yourself home. It'll make a great war story to tell the newbies. It is now a touchstone for your frame of reference.... "heck, this isn't nearly as bad as that one horrible shift & I managed to survive that" This experience - and most probably similar ones in the future - will have a lasting effect on you. In another 30 years or so, you'll be that crusty old bat (like me) that will try to help new nurses through their own bad experiences. Srsly - Very nice rant.

Yes always just go pee. Even if I'm passing meds I find that the distraction of needing to pee will slow me down more than locking the cart, shutting the MAR, and dashing to the nearest bathroom.

Plus you get to sit down when you pee (well, if you're female.) and maybe check your phone to make sure the kids, SO are alive and no one burned down the house. Lol.

I think perhaps we work on the same unit, OP. (((Hugs)))

Wishing you a better shift next time you work.

OP, I have been there, many of us have been there. It sucks. I'm sorry. You and your co-workers all need to join forces and go to HR stat. At least get all this on record. Keep a check list of everything you do all day- nothing fancy, just tick it off as you do it, so the powers that be really see how much you do. Maybe no one will listen, but you don't know unless you try.And for the love of God, pee! Better yet, take a big old smelly crap (and don't flush) before leaving for the day.

OP, the best therapy I have found is making it home to your family. I have had this type of night many of times, but getting home and seeing my wife and I happy makes it worth it. It is also refreshing that you give a damn about taking care of your patient! You rock! I hope your next night is better.

Quote from FarawynAnd for the love of God, pee! Better yet, take a big old smelly crap (and don't flush) before leaving for the day.

I must be smoking crack to be going into this field. WHYYYYYYY?
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