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» » Ratted out a co-worker and now feel guilty

Ratted out a co-worker and now feel guilty

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1 Long story short:
I'm the oncoming nurse counting with the outgoing nurse. I find two narcotic count discrepancies. One narcotic was missing and one narcotic was NOT given as ordered. This was for two seperate patients. The nurse basically did false documentation to cover up the situation. I requested for us to get the DON involved right away but she didnt want to for the obvious reason. After we counted. I did get the don involved and gave a statement.

I feel super guilty but I knew I had to get it off my chest. I actually will get written up too for not immediately getting the DON During the count.

Nurses have to stick togheter and help eachother. I get that, which is why I feel so guilty. However, patients and my license come first. This will be a learning lesson for everyone.
I don't have anything to add, but I would like to know the reason the other nurse gave for the missing narcotics. I'm not saying that should or should not make a difference in what you did (I'm not a nurse yet), but I am curious on the details, if you can give them. I know that, in my state, the number one reason for losing a license is drug diversion, so your sitch piqued my interst.

I assure you that you did the right thing. Us nurses have to stick together is the right thing to do in certain situations, but not in a situation where you are putting your license on the line by lying about a narcotic count.I think it's unfair that you got written up for it though, you did the right thing by notifying the DON

Dont feel bad, If bad practice is going on it needs to be challenged and stopped. Supposing it had gone for a long time, that nurse could have implicated you. You did the right thing. Its not nice to tell on a colleague but YOU had to - paitent safety was potentially at risk!

So I guess there's been ongoing problems with this particular nurse during narc counts?

Ditch the guilt. You did the right thing, you worked hard to obtain your license, it would be crappy if you lost it because of someone else's issues.

I am so sorry this happened to you. You absolutely did the right thing.....yes we stick together but we also have a very srtict sense of right and wrong. I think it is harsh that you get written up......but you really should of excused yourself from the situation immediately. Say something like.....I am not comfortable with this and we need to tell XYZ, if you don't I is a big deal and I am sorry...I can't participate...excuse me......Good did the right thing......

I work 3-11. The 11-7 nurse did not count with the 7-3 nurse. Thus when I counted the count was messed up. So basically the nurse never counted with the ofgoing nurse. That was a big no no.

You absolutely did the right thing. I'm sorry they are writing you up or not contacting the DON earlier. Think of the nurse taking the drugs for her/his own use, are the patients suffering because they are not getting their meds. Don't let anyone put your license in worked too hard for it.

Once again I say to the original poster YOU did the right thing. Supposed you had turned up for a shift one night - the management were becoming suspicious about drugs going missing and YOU happened to be that poor unfortunate nurse that night? Just imagine if you had been set up by this nurse whose problem (would have gone on) - You have worked HARD to be a registered, got your NCLEX etc, no you have to fight to keep it my dear. If that nurse wants to discredit herself - let her go ahead. Sometimes we do what is RIGHT not what makes us popular.

Billie said it. Reporting was the only way to keep future accusations from falling upon yourself. Once you were quiet about one discrepancy, you would have been in a pickle if more discrepancies occurred because she really was diverting. There are times when protecting each other does not count and this is one of them. She probably would have done the same thing in return, so don't feel guilty about it.

nurses are supposed to watch out for ea other, when it comes to being bullied/talked-down-to/harrassed by others.nurses are NOT supposed to watch out for ea other, when it comes to covering for illicit actions of another nurse.i can understand you feeling badly...i'm not understanding feeling "guilty".i would just go on working with your head up, chin out...knowing you acted appropriately, morally, and NOT let anyone try and make you feel otherwise.good job.leslie

I dont know about you, but I became a nurse for the patient, not to 'make friends'... The patient is my number one priority... I will always advocate for them and be their voice... Good job, you did the right thing!
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